UH-OH! Did I Just Wash My Headphones???

Have you ever pulled your jacket out of the washer and then noticed, with sheer dismay, that that pair of headphones that actually works and fits your ears has accidentally been washed?

Your first reaction is probably something akin to, “DANG IT! Those were my favorite headphones.” What if we told you today was your lucky day? After reading these tips, your reaction is going to be a lot more like “Oh oops, they’ll probably be OK.”

Tip 1:  This goes without saying, but check all pockets before you press start on the washing machine. Even if you don’t have earbuds in there, you could have chapstick or that paper gift card to your favorite bagel place!

Tip 2ACT FAST! You’re going to want to dry your buds out quickly. You’ll want to gently unravel them and lay them out to air dry. Shure suggests patting them with a soft towel, and removing any rubber or extra padding on the ear pieces. You’ll want to let them sit for about 48 hours before trying them out.

Tip 3:  If air drying doesn’t do the trick, you can try placing them in a bowl of dry white rice.

Tip 4: Shure goes on to say that using a hair dryer to speed up the process is not a good idea. You don’t want to accidentally fry any of the tiny wiring inside the bud.

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