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About Us

My wife and I have been in the commercial laundry and service business since 2003. After surveying the laundry services available to families, couples and individuals it was clear to us that there was a need for customer oriented, modern, clean and green, laundry services to satisfy the needs of growing, affluent and time constrained communities. Existing laundry services were not providing the personal level of services needed by these busy and demanding customers.

We founded our company based upon providing a better product, obsessive attention to customer needs and service, using highly efficient washers and dryers that needed less of our ever more valuable natural resources and properly training and supervising our employees.

We specialize in beautifully folded and packaged drop off laundry services that are processed according to your needs and requests resulting in a finished product that is ready to be placed in your drawers and hung in your closets upon delivery.

After twenty-five years in the music industry it is extremely satisfying to be working with my wife in a business that we own and operate together. It is our passion to maintain high standards of service, a clean environment, and to use energy and water saving equipment that helps our planet while providing our customers with the best wash, dry, fold and packaged finished product possible.


Art & Eve Jaeger

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