Laundry Delivery Service is a Game Changer for Working Moms

Are you a working mom who feels like as soon as you get one task done, three more things pop up that need attending to? Laundry Butler has got your back. We offer the best laundry delivery services in Los Angeles so that you and your family aren’t wearing stained or twice-worn shirts. Our laundry […]

Benefits of Using a Local Laundry Delivery Service in North Hollywood

Hollywood is famous for being a busy city, so it’s no wonder that it’s is also notorious for being a city filled with people who are too busy to spend hours doing dirty laundry. Laundry Butler offers the best laundry delivery service for busy people everywhere. There are many benefits to using a laundry delivery […]

Burbank Laundry Delivery Service with Free Pickup & Delivery

You asked and we delivered! At Laundry Butler, we are once again extending our network so that there will now be a laundry delivery service in Burbank. Through the Burbank laundry delivery app or online, you can enjoy free pickup and delivery, make use of our services and get your washing done with special instructions […]

We Now Have Laundry Delivery Service in Simi Valley!

This week Laundry Butler has good news— our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles has expanded! Residents of Simi Valley asked for it and you got it! We offer you the best laundry delivery service in Simi Valley and other areas around Los Angeles. No need to worry about reduced hours or unavailable services, our […]

The Benefits of Using a Laundry Delivery Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one the busiest cities in the United States. If the people living here could be in two places at once they would! Laundry Butler provides an easy, affordable laundry service to Angelenos so that they have more time for family, friends, work and life. Saving time is just one benefit of using […]

What Happens Inside a Washing Machine

Inside a Washing Machine Dirty clothes go in and come out clean. For the average person that’s enough, but for the curious few what happens in between? We broke it down in this post. Who Invented the Washing Machine? The practice of washing clothes has always been around. In ancient times, people used rocks and […]

The Ultimate Laundry Detergent Guide

Laundry Detergent Guide for Any Situation There are many options when it comes to laundry detergent. Tide, Persil, Seventh Generation, Gain and more are constantly on the move to make a better detergent. Some specializing in stains, preserving color, for travel, and odors. With all the options, finding the best isn’t easy. To skip the […]

How to Sort Out Clothes from Laundry

How to Sort Laundry Is Sorting Laundry Necessary? There are two types of people. Those who sort their clothes and those who toss everything in the wash all at once. It’s easy to be the latter, especially if it’s you who’s stuck doing the laundry. But taking that extra step will not only extend the […]

How Much Laundry Does the Average Person Do?

Laundry Statistics The average household washes 50 pounds of laundry a week and 6,000 articles of clothing every year! Laundry is something we don’t always think about. It’s a bit like cleaning the dishes or brushing our teeth. An everyday habit we grow accustomed to. That said, some of the data on how often people […]

College Care Package Ideas

College care packages are a fun way to show your friend/child that your thinking of them. It’s easy to lose touch with someone who’s not in your day to day life. No need to let that become an exuse. Off to College Care Package Whether the care package is for your son, daughter, or a […]