Quick Start Guide

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to embrace the Laundry Butler For You way!

If you haven’t already, take a minute to log into your account and double-check your preferences and any special instructions you want us to be aware of. If you selected our “By Request” plan you can also schedule a pickup.

What are the different colored bags for?

Blue bags are for laundry items.

The white mesh bag is for “special attention items.” If you have something that’s particularly delicate or needs some extra TLC or just has a stain you want us to try and get out, then please place that item in the white mesh bag. It’s always a good idea, if you are sending in clothes in the “special attention” mesh bag, to slip a note in along with the items or log into your account and update your “Special Instructions.”

Help us help you…

We want to make sure that we do the best possible job for you each and every time. Our drivers really appreciate it – especially when we’re coming to your home for the first time – if they know exactly what to do when they arrive. If you would like your laundry picked up or returned to a specific location – a back porch or a garage for instance – let them know by adding that information to your “Driving Instructions.”

Any other questions? Visit the FAQ page or feel free to email as at hello@laundrybutlerforyou.com or call Customer Service at (323) 900-0067