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College Care Package Ideas

College care packages are a fun way to show your friend/child that your thinking of them. It’s easy to lose touch with someone who’s not in your day to day life. No need to let that become an exuse.

Off to College Care Package

off to college

Whether the care package is for your son, daughter, or a friend; get something you know they’ll like. Having a hard time finding that special something? Think back, what was the last gift they gave you? Or, what do they usually gift? 

Was it a book? A piece of art? A gift card to a fun store? Clothes? Usually, people gift things they enjoy. If you can give something they gift, then you’re on the right track. 

If this isn’t helpful, then stick with what you like. What’s the last product or service purchase you made that you really enjoy? If you like it, then it’s likely someone else will too.

If you’re still stuck, a great gift that never fails is free time. Laundry or cleaning services, like Laundry Butler for You are a great option; and take one thing off busy student’s to-do lists. Providing laundry pick up and delivery, weekly or by request; subscriber’s clothes come back clean and ready to be placed in drawers or hung in their closets. Best part? They’ll have more time for meeting people and learning. Follow this link and type in their zip code to see if the service delivers to their location.

Athlete Care Packages

Need an athletic care package idea? Below is a list of items you could get your friend or child. 

  • Fitbit flex band
  • Athletic hat or headband
  • Pull up bar
  • Athletic socks
  • Apple Air-pods
  • Running shoes
  • Biking helmet
  • Athletic sunglasses

If all else fails, a good default is a water bottle. It’s always nice to have a backup.  

Healthy College Care Package Ideas

healthy college care package

Is your friend or kid a health nut? You have options. 

You could get them a gift card to their favorite grocery store. A box of their favorite snacks. Books on food nutrition. 

Another cool option, you could get them a subscription to organic meal prep delivery. Sign them up and they will deliver organic food to their doorstep weekly or by request.  

Friend Care Package Ideas 

Is it a care package for a sick friend? We love it. Below are some cool ideas to add to your friend’s care package:

  • Medicine
  • Soup
  • Tea
  • Movies
  • Tissues
  • Something comfy 

Wrapping Up

Care packages are a fun and easy way to show your friend or child that you are there for them. It can be hard leaving your hometown and saying goodbye to friends and family. Not to mention, it’s easy to lose touch with people. Sending you friend or family member something as simple as a care package is a great way to stay in touch.  

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