How to Sort Out Clothes from Laundry

How to Sort Laundry

Is Sorting Laundry Necessary?

There are two types of people. Those who sort their clothes and those who toss everything in the wash all at once. It’s easy to be the latter, especially if it’s you who’s stuck doing the laundry. But taking that extra step will not only extend the life of your wardrobe but also save you valuable time. 

Healthy habits build. When you start organizing your laundry and building systems you’ll find yourself looking for other chores you can systematize. Next thing you know you’ll be finding ways to more efficiently wash the dishes or clean your room faster. These little hacks compound and can have a powerful effect – saving you a lot of time. 

The aim isn’t to organize for the sake of organizing. The aim is to build better systems in your life so you can free up time doing chores and start doing things you want to do. Now let’s get into the specifics. 

How to Sort Laundry by Color

Most washing machines today are able to prevent your whites and colors from mixing. To stay on the safe side, it’s best to follow a simple rule – separate your whites clothes from the colored ones. 

A hand full of other useful tips :

  • Turn your jeans inside out while washing. This will prevent the outside colors from rubbing off. 
  • Be careful with new clothes as these will bleed the most
  • Red and blue colors tend to transfer to other fabrics most

Separating your clothes by color is an easy step that will extend the lifetime of your wardrobe. 

How to Sort Laundry by Fabric

More importantly than sorting by color is sorting by fabric. Modern washing machines haven’t yet solved the issue of mixing different types of clothes. The main fabrics or categories to separate are:

  • Delicates (silk clothes, satin sheet, lingerie, etc…)
  • Towels
  • Denim and jeans
  • Baby clothes
  • The rest (cotton, blends, other)

Don’t risk ruining your favorite outfit. Spend a little extra time and your clothes will thank you. 

Best Way to Sort Laundry 

sort laundry by color

The best way to sort your laundry is to separate each task into buckets – do whites and darks, sort by fabrics, fold all shirts at once, and fold all the pants at the same time

When you separate each task into a separate entity you allow yourself time to get into a flow state. Flow state is a meditative state where you’re not thinking, just doing. This helps create momentum, making the task easier and time pass faster. 

Wrap Up

Sorting is essential. Technology has yet to make a self-cleaning, stain-free fabric – so until then, we’re all stuck doing laundry. 

Better yet. If you can’t wait for a self-cleaning fabric, you can always outsource your laundry to laundry pick up and delivery services, like Laundry Butler for You. To start, simply schedule your pickup through the website or mobile app, and have your clothes cleaned and delivered back to you the following day.

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