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How Much Time You Save a Year Using a Laundry Delivery Service

Using a laundry delivery service will save time you would’ve otherwise spent sorting, preparing, washing and folding your laundry.  Laundry Butler’s residential laundry delivery service is user-friendly and reliable, taking one more mundane task out of your day.

We’ll show you the timesaving benefits you could be experiencing by using a laundry delivery service:

Time Spent Per Load

On average, one load of washing takes 1 hour and 27 minutes— that’s nearly 10% of your day spent on just one load of laundry! With a laundry delivery service, you can get that 10% back. Just set your dirty laundry out and the pickup and delivery service will take your laundry and return it to you the following day, neatly folded and ready to be placed in your drawers and hung in your closets.

How Many Loads Does the Average Person Wash Per Week?

Without a laundry delivery service, a single person might do 2-5 loads of washing per week, whereas a family can do anywhere from 6-10 loads. 10 loads of washing, each taking 1 hour and 27 minutes, adds up to 14 hours and 30 minutes per week spent doing dirty laundry— at the end of the year, it adds up to 30 days!

Using a laundry delivery service can turn those 14 hours and 30 minutes into just a few minutes. Laundry Butler For You handles your dirty laundry, from sorting colors and special treatments to drying and folding.

Start Saving Time Today

Time is a precious resource and one we should use efficiently and wisely. With a laundry pickup and delivery service, you don’t have to spend hours on end tending to piles of dirty clothes, sheets and towels.

Leave it up to the Laundry Butler and save nearly a whole month’s worth of time per year. Start saving time with Laundry Butler today!

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