Laundry Delivery Service in Los Angeles

Why People Are Starting to Use a Laundry Delivery Service in Los Angeles

Whether you are new to Los Angeles, a long-term resident, or grew up here, it probably didn’t take long to realize that life here moves at a fast pace. Laundry Butler’s laundry delivery service in Los Angeles caters to this lifestyle, providing a quick and efficient solution to one of life’s most tedious chores.

Convenient Hours

Using a laundry delivery service means that there is time for your laundry no matter what your schedule looks like. Our operating hours are tailored for a busy lifestyle so that you don’t have to sacrifice time in your day.

With our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles, your dirty laundry is picked up and dropped off from your set location at whichever time you requested. Our drivers will even collect laundry that was ordered that same day if the order was in by 4 am.

Many Services Available

We offer a welcome kit with a blue bag for everyday laundry, but our services are not just limited to everyday items. We treat stains, wash bedding, accommodate any instructions for your special items and carefully handle the items in the ‘special attention’ bag.

Start Your Laundry Delivery Service Today

Clean laundry at your fingertips has a whole new meaning when you use our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles. Signing up is quick and the service is easy to use. You can schedule your pickup and delivery from an app on your phone, or online.

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