laundry pickup and delivery in los angeles

The Benefits of Using a Laundry Delivery Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one the busiest cities in the United States. If the people living here could be in two places at once they would! Laundry Butler provides an easy, affordable laundry service to Angelenos so that they have more time for family, friends, work and life. Saving time is just one benefit of using a laundry delivery service in Los Angeles. Now imagine washing being an almost effortless task, and super convenient for you no matter what your day looks like!

We all know what it is like after a busy day to rush to the laundromat to get what we need done before the shops close. Laundry Butler has convenient operating hours to ease the stress of making it on time and run over a wide network for laundry pickup around Los Angeles. Our laundry pickup service is fairly priced and is guaranteed to save you time and stress. Schedule a day that is best for you for pickup, and we’ll deliver your clean laundry back to you the following day.

Everyone likes the idea of minimal effort and maximum reward. Our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles requires exactly that—minimal effort! All you have to do is schedule your order and leave your laundry out for us to collect.  You can go about your day without a moment of stress over a load of dirty items piling up and a lack of clean clothes. Our laundry delivery service will collect during operating hours and deliver fresh laundry back to you within 24 hours of collection.

Try out our laundry delivery service just once and you will never want to do washing at home again. Laundry Butler can be trusted to handle your washing with care and efficiency. Our convenient laundry delivery service will free up your time, save you trouble and best of all – not break the bank! Leave it up to the Laundry Butler.

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